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This event will highlight the intersection between Architecture, Urban Design, and Advocacy in a time that has tested our resilience and approach to housing structure in San Antonio.

We want to invite the community to help us rethink how design can offer better solutions to address the shortage of affordable housing, the accessibility of housing for the housing Insecure, and the loss of neighborhoods that happens in the process. The city of San Antonio has not committed to a comprehensive policy for managing the current and future housing needs and these discussions, with community input, are essential. In bringing this conversation to the civic and civil discussions of DreamWeek San Antonio, this presentation and panel discussion will bring together a multidisciplinary group of professionals and community members to discuss and challenge the existing system of how we traditionally think about affordable housing in the City.

Our future depends on us creating space for more disruptive systems and typologies that approach housing issues more comprehensively, and considers not only today’s realities but tomorrows challenges.