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Join us at Bihl Haus Arts for an evening of visually stimulating enjoyment as we present the work of Wardell Picquet in his premiere exhibition “Essence and Style: The Afrocentric Woman.” Picquet’s artwork pays homage to Black Women and their love of African culture as a mainstay of Identity.  In his eyes, the actions and deeds of the Afrocentric Woman show that she exists and excels in as many places as anyone else. She says it with her walk, with her bearing, with the way she visually presents herself to the world. Her Essence is Strength. Her Style is Beauty. For her, Essence and Style are one and the same. She cloaks herself in both and wears them as banner and as armor.

Wardell, an African American, is originally a native of New Orleans, Louisiana. Displaced by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, he has gladly found a home in San Antonio and its vibrant art scene. Picquet has worked and taught in the Arts here and in New Orleans through various organizations.  He is currently an instructor in the Bihl Haus GO! Arts program and also serves as the Gallery Assistant.

The Mission of community-based Bihl Haus Arts—Creating Community through the Arts—is founded on the belief that each person, when given a chance, will achieve significant personal, social, and cultural growth through the arts.

Bihl Haus Arts produces 6-7 exhibitions every year at the gallery. Two are annual recurring exhibitions; the remainder are solo or small group shows that feature the work of emerging and established professional artists from San Antonio, South Texas, and throughout the world (to date, international guest artists have come from Cuba, Thailand, Japan, India, Belgium, and New Zealand). Each exhibition is on display for approximately 5 to 8 weeks.