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Each of us has a role to play in racial equity and justice work – especially if we are white. This year more white people have woken up to the understanding that they too must join in the movement of undoing oppression. In this workshop, we will explore tools to help us stay in hard conversations and continue to be engaged in this work while taking care of ourselves and our communities. This workshop will provide resources and evidence-based tools to help you be a racial justice advocate whether you are just beginning this journey or have been getting up to “good trouble” for years.

Doing this work brings joy & sometimes shame. It’s intense – come learn how to stay connected and committed even when it’s hard and we mess up.

InterPlay leader, Coach & Racial Justice Educator Christine Gautreaux, MSW has been using art and activism to uproot oppression for over 20 years. She uses storytelling, movement, and voice to help folks access their stories, reduce stress, and take care of themselves and their communities while doing the tough stuff.

Dr. Cynthia Phelps will bring her expertise in helping people build personal resilience through self-compassion and crafting supportive inner narratives.