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Join us for a film-screening and community dialogue featuring Windows & Mirrors — a YouTube Creators for Change project by Hallease Narvaez.

Head-wraps, turbans, wigs, hats. Almost every place in the world has some sort of symbolism or historical attachment to headwear and you can learn a lot about a culture through it. In this video, Hallease explores the concept of headwear through a religious lens and speaks with a few individuals to talk about why they wear what they wear in hopes that these stories will provide windows into other people’s culture to build understanding.

Hallease is a video producer, editor and digital storyteller based in Texas. She developed a love of video early on in life, creating short skits with her first video camera and neighborhood friends. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin with a Bachelor of Science in Radio-Television-Film. Always interested in documenting and reflecting on her life, she created her YouTube channel to catalog her life through short films, reviews, and occasional collaborations—all while exploring identities and cultures.