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Yanaguana's Dreams of Liberation

Yanaguana's Dreams of LiberationWe have the power to create our own reality, join us for immersive workshops and an art exhibition where we will manifest and co-create a powerful, liberated future. 0 Add to DreamList28jan1:00 pm6:00 pm

Event Details

This event will be three parts:
Open show with honoring the 7 directions/ elements. Gallery showing featuring 20 artists submissions for “Collective Dreams of liberation” (1 hour) with De Corazon Circles.
Three-part workshop: DeCorazon circles, Yanawana herbolarios , Red and (hopefullly artist Alain Gakwaya)
San Arte – guided liberation meditation

Yanawana Herbolarios- Collective grounding / connection meditations. (Grounding meditation, how to feel your own energy, how to connect to each others (peoples and plants)- interconnection radiation of love and care)
intuitive art and creation with Red and Alain. Creating a community art piece/ collage. (Cultivating these feelings, we use art to express/ collage materials, markers/ huge blank canvas-how do you envision our liberated future?) Red and Alain will create and collaborate on a large piece that documents the expressions that community brings up in their meditations.

Círculo/ panel discussion on the following topics as GOALS:

Discuss YH goals/ Decoraon circles vision/ San arte vision.
Yanawana Herbolarios: Honoring, sharing, and preserving cultural knowledge of the land as a means of reviving Indigenous ancestral practices and building sovereign communities.
San Arte Cultural Arts mission is to activate healing strength, innate wisdom and collective leadership in our communities through empowering service and education rooted in traditional Mexican Medicines.
De Corazon Circles: through healing justice frameworks that embolden practitioners to integrate radical love and belonging in their homes, classrooms, communities, and beyond. We envision a safe and equitable world where restorative interactions transform individuals, ration shops, communities and systems through the prevention, repair and deep healing of harm.
Acknowledge, understand, integrate and move/ change? (Using medicine wheel) (2 hours)

Círculo- what is your role in the journey to liberation. What gifts or medicine do you share with the community.

Back to gallery, End with food and drink medicine (Yanawana Herbolarios and San Arte Cultural Arts), social hours, introduce resources and artist / leaders who are catalysts for change. Display final project. Close 4 directions. (1 hour)
The purpose of the event is to invite others into the vision and mission that is Yanawana Herbolarios and ignite the light in others to believe in a better future. This event will create powerful connections to community / art / palabra, reconnection to food.

Event schedule: 

1pm- 2pm – Open directions, and guided meditations

2pm-3pm – Workshop

3pm-3:40pm – break for food (rotate workshops)

3:40-4:40- Workshop

4:40-4:50- break 

4:50-5:20 – Closing of directions

5:30-6pm- Enjoy art and connections



This event will be in 5 parts: 

  1. Open show with honoring the 7 directions/ elements . Gallery showcasing up to 20 artists for “Collective Dreams of liberation” (1 hour all together, outside) 
    1. Descriptions: Maria & apprentices will be opening the directions
    1. Yanawana Herbolarios- Collective grounding / interconnection meditations. (Grounding meditation, energy connections to self, elements, peoples, and land.  
  1. Workshop : San Arte, Red and artist Alain Gakwaya (one hour, 30min/30min)
    1. San Arte – guided liberation meditation 
    1. intuitive art and creation with Red and Alain. Flow into creation after meditation. 
  1. Workshop: DeCorazon Circles (30min-30min)
    1. Laura Yohualtlahuiz  -Teoaxictli activation/ land dance 
    1. Made and Luissanna – Healing talking circulo
  1. Break/ eat 
  2. closing: Maestra- grounding circles / community dance. (30min)
  3. Enjoy art and Connections.  
  4. YH goals/ De Corazon circles vision/ San arte vision.


January 28, 2023 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm(GMT-05:00)


San Antonio Botanical Garden

555 Funston Place

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