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Abstract for Workshop: Teaching self-recovery is a journey towards creative holistic healing that becomes the compass. But how does one maintain the flame of inspiration amidst such burnout responsibilities? What’s inspired you lately? Who’s inspired you? How has that propelled You in a positive direction in your life or in others? This workshop provides a deep dive into the art of staying motivated in the realm of self-care and self-love toward your happiness. Delving into the very core of emotional and psychological burnout, participants will acquire healthy new habits. In my journey to inspire confidence in young people through art and live-to-inspire community workshops, I have learned the importance of a creative self-discovery as an LGBTQ person. Being seen and heard are important forms of confidence, and they can help you embrace your own identity and self-awareness.
Life learners will find themselves immersed in transformative exercises, crafted to re-energize their spirit and refine their sense of joy and creative purpose. These activities are geared towards ensuring that you are not only reinvigorated but are also equipped to inspire and uplift your charges with renewed vibes. Furthermore, in the spirit of shared inspiration, we introduce “Live to Inspire”, a movement epitomizing the ripple effect of positive energy and hope. Originating from a captivating mural I created in Harlingen, TX Downtown, this initiative encourages individuals to reflect upon and share their sources of inspiration. Whether it’s a childhood memory, a friend’s gesture, or the mere thrill of surpassing one’s boundaries, these tales serve as a testament to the power of inspiration. Through this movement, the workshop aims to create a collective where each individual’s story fuels another’s journey, championing the mantra of dreaming big, living fully, and not only to inspire yourself but to inspire others.

TAMs Bio
Tam Corbette L is an artist, educator, inspirational speaker, and spiritual adventurer looking to keep things fresh and inspire others. From Texas to California to Vegas, Tam has spread their “Live to Inspire” message all across the country. Through “Live to Inspire,” Tam teaches others to be the fire of change and self-expression everywhere they go.
Tam has collaborated with many talented people, has organized art shows, and has led youth meditation workshops, all with the goal of bridging communities. They created a book, a clothing brand, and an art program. Taking inspiration from paintings, music, dance, and all modes of art, her vision is to encourage others to find their inner fire.
Tam also runs their You are the Fire programs, through which they use art to teach confidence to young people. These programs are designed to teach mindfulness through art and to help young people to follow their dreams and become successful artists. Tam believes confidence and perseverance are key to being a complete person who can #livetoinspire.